• Utah teams must create an Official UYSA Tournament Roster with player photos that lists every player, including guest players and tournament only players, and coach. Check in can be done in two ways, either a physical check-in or an online check-in! Please find the online check-in instructions here. Physical & online check-in will take place no later than 2 hours before the first scheduled game. Rosters will be frozen when the Official Tournament Roster is presented at check-in. (See below for step-by-step instructions for how to create a Tournament Roster in Affinity.)

  • Out of state teams must present one copy of an official player roster AND laminated photo player cards for each player and coach at tournament check-in.

  • Guest Players: (See the chart for guest player limits) For every guest player on the roster (Utah teams and out of state teams), the following forms must be completed with all required signatures and submitted at tournament check-in:
  1. A state approved registration form with consent for medical treatment
  2. UYSA Specialty Player Action Form
  3. Out of state teams must also present a laminated photo player cards for each guest player.

  • Tournament Only Players: Laminated UYSA player cards are required for tournament only players, and must be presented at tournament check-in.

  • Registered Coaches: IT IS STRONGLY ADVISED THAT EVERY TEAM HAVE MORE THAN ONE LICENSED, REGISTERED COACH ON THEIR TEAM ROSTER. Any team playing a game without an officially rostered coach present will forfeit that game.

  • Multi-Rostering of Players is not allowed.