Official Email Sent To all Coaches and Managers at 6:40pm this morning

Utah Cup 2021

Hey There Everyone, 

We hope each of you are well this morning. As we mentioned last night, the safety of your players is our first and foremost priority. Any decision that has been made this tournament has been with that in mind, especially yesterday's and today's decision.

As a tournament committee, we have been watching the air quality meter from many different sources, and mainly from As of 6:30am, our location is at 153 and is projected to stay that way for at least the next 6-12 hours. 

Per that knowledge and with the safety of the players as our number one goal, we have no choice but to effectively cancel Utah Cup 2021. This is hard for us as, we are sure, it is for you. This was never the outcome that we had imagined for this year. This truly was a last resort. 

We will be communicating with you all again today as to what will happen as far as next steps, but please communicate to your teams that all games today have been cancelled. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this moment.

Tournament Director